Study Fields Of The Graduates

TR, the Council of higher education’s 26/07/2012 dated negotiated and in accordance with the law no.2547 and different from the law no.2880, 43/b as per article, our students graduated from the department of visual communication design get the title of ‘VISUAL DESIGNER‘.

With a perspective of a professional, a graduate of the department of Visual communication design, by using different communication channels directed to advertisement and promotion, can take charge in a lot of fields from media’s various fields to the advertisement world, from interactive information to information technologies and data communication, from TV channels to video, applicable designing in cinema production and in post–production agencies, and again in cinema field, from authentic works to place designs, from film character designs to game industry designs, from art directing  at advertisement agency in the country or abroad to the firms selling, marketing and public relations units  and to press sector, from packaging designing to interface and interaction designing, from freelance designing consultancy to academic career at education and research institutions on fine arts, from web design to social  media design on the internet.