Mission - Vision


In recent years, in Turkey  the development and wide spread of  communication sectors in these fields,  professionals are in need who have the visual communication language. Because of this, the formation of management, brand design, the brand image, directed to the consumer market targeted by the department of visual communication design  particularly are used to obtain  film production technologies and video. Therefore bringing up professionals who can involve in  the applications of mass communication and advertising sector is our mission.

Bringing up visual communication designers at international levels who can use the relationship between the communication tools and the human being, who can use the communication channels effectively and who developed himself / herself on a subject of forming a simple and spectacular description of a language  forms our basic mission.


As a department that makes our name in the sector with the success of our graduate students who have reached at national/international advertising, promotion and mass communication fields, our target is; protecting our education standards consistently. In accordance with this purpose, as well as the production process, during the creation process, bringing up the students, who have the ability of analyzing problems visually, who are focused on the solution, who have ethics and intellectual values in the frame of the department, all the opportunities are offered. By this means, the know-how of the students will guide them to produce enterprising projects focused on professional business life, and also will guide them to create new expertise fields which can solve the design problems between the product and the targeted population.