About The Department

The Department of Visual  Communication  Design

Gazi University, Fine Arts Faculty, the department of visual communication design with its interdisciplinary  structure started  its instruction–education life in 2007 with 15 students. In 2009-2010 instruction–education year, it produced  its graduates. When the development phases from its established phase to now is observed a success graphic can be seen  at national and international levels. Our students, during four-year education, are involved in the studies of design books. (Boxed & Labelled, Gallery, Journal of Choi’s Gallery, Gestalten Package Design Book, Choi’s Design Book, Art Power International Type Object). Moreover, our students have made our university’s name with pride by being the second runner up in the international advertisement competition. In addition to these after  the  graduation, their success have continued by winning the awards of Kristal Elma  Advertising Award, Digital Communication Awards, Golden Drum and Digital Age Award. The reason of this success can be observed by the contents of our academic staff and our education programme.

Academic Staff 

The department of Visual communication and design in its field with young experts and dynamic staff has reached its aim by canalizing industry and with its graduates it has gained a placed in the sector fast.

Our academic staff especially with their speaking and written foreign languages–some of the academic staff know more than one foreign language. They have the advantage of following–up the developments on international and communication fields. To intensify these developments with their own expertise fields and transmitting  to the students process put forward our students among the other departments and even other universities. In addition to these, at national and international conferences, at symposiums, at exhibitions at biennials, our academic staff represent the department of visual communication design successfully with its either participants are the committee members. In addition to academic activities, in our staff among the existing academicians, the founder members of Communication Designers Professional Institution of Turkey have participated. Moreover, Gazi University, ‘The Department of Visual Communication Design‘ is the supporter and the shareholder of International Ankara Design Week. Related to the expertise fields of our academicians, they are supported by TV channels, the official training, the design agencies, associations and part time job experiences  and gives opportunity to the students to use their abilities and knowledge that they gained during the education  and use them in business life.   

Education Programmes

4-year graduate programme of the department of visual communication design has been established with an interdisciplinary structure and its programme has been formed by this structure. The purpose is to form an interdisciplinary education programme related to all media tools to be developed which requires different expertise and the purpose is also, on the contrary to be confused, beyond classical instruction, containing versatile communication channels’ being used effectively. In our day, visual design has become  the most important  field to fill the gap of the design beyond the classical design understanding and the communication is used to identify the sharing process of an idea or knowledge, which is one of the most important concepts in our age and is used in public corporations, in creative industries, in advertisement presentation sector. For this reason, the department of visual communication design is taking the advantages of the created declination of the fields, like interactive media and sound design, the introduction of the students to the different expertise fields are aimed and a comprehensive course programme has been formed accordingly. The rich content of the department of the visual communication design has led this department to success among other departments. The courses of the department are performed in the classes and studios covered with visual and audial hardware that have informatics infrastructure. In addition to the photograph and montage, in the department there is a Multimedia Studio formed from MAC Computers which are developed in terms of hardware and software, and this include the students to an applicable and collective study process where they can discover their abilities and develop their creativity. Furthermore, the programme gives a shape to the students within the frame work of education understanding that gives priority to application and production about digital design, typography, broadcast  graphics, creative writing, professional life, packaging design subjects. In addition to these, applying a programme to the students who expertise in communication subject studies in their fields where the digital media is getting developed like web design, video and film technology, 3 Dimensional design, animation, sound and motion videos. By this means, our students are growing as having knowledge and an opinion of developments in the world as well as in Turkey, working with the different cultures  and education systems collaboratively and interactively, being creative and developing progressive solutions.